J O'Herlihy Consultancy was set up by James O'Herlihy in 2011. James has over 20 years experience in the fields of Construction and Project Management and has completed a Higher Diploma in Health and Safety and Welfare at Work, a Higher Diploma in Environmental Management and a Masters Degree in Learning Development Consultancy. O'Herlihy Consultancy knows that the marketplace is looking for change within Environmental Health and Safety and Training. With the downturn in world markets, companies must strive harder to compete while complying with company law. O'Herlihy Consultancy can offer a solution for any and all your training needs via E –Learning, 3D animation, M-learning or classroom set-up at an affordable cost, drastically reducing your training budget. At O'Herlihy Consultancy we believe there is always something to discover and so we work hard to create training content that is refreshing, engaging and effective.

Our idea is simple - we develop e-learning modules suitable for use in any industry, in government bodies and in education facilities. Using a combination of established blended-learning techiniques and custom 2 & 3D animation, our E-learning modules can grapple with any situation where there is a need to provide training or information effectively and accurately.

O'Herlihy Consultancy can setup and implement all your company's Environmental Health and Safety needs, as well as your Company‘s Emergency Safety Plan, Health & Safety Statements, Method Statements Risk Assessments and more. O'Herlihy Consultancy works on a service basis to suit each individual company's needs, dramatically reducing your staff overheads by eliminating the need for a dedicated safety staff member or team.

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